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Rank Description IN OUT stats
1 Immortal Night | text based
The world of Immortal Night awakens your true self. Play the game of a life transformed by blood and venom. Where silver and holy water are weapons of mass destruction. Where demons thrive and the things of nightmares creep around every corner.
45 8 neutral
2 - Vampire RPG | text based
Reign Of Blood is a free vampire browser based roleplaying game. Take the role of a vampire and compete against thousands of other vampires in one of the top voted free online vampire browser games. Play now, for free!
35 4 neutral
3 Arcane Circle | text based
Enter a world of might and mysticism! Battle dragons and foes as a warrior, or reign supreme as a mighty wizard amongst a respected coven that you build! Will you choose a path of light or a dark path, destroying all that dare stand in your way!
6 4 neutral
4 Mythic Reign | text based
Mythic Reign - A free online fantasy text based roleplaying game - The world is not what it used to be - The Veil between the planes of existence has torn - Choose 1 of 10 species and fight for the right to call a part of Ozryn your own.
5 3 neutral
5 Thug Battle | text based
A Mafia/Gangster Style Browser RPG with always growing features..
3 7 neutral
6 Samurai of Legend | text based
In a land ruled by the sword, where a person lives or dies by their wits and cunning, a samurai struggles to carve out a place in history. Each samurai controls their own destiny, what will yours be? Do you have what it takes to become the best?
3 2 neutral
7 Street Crime | text based
Street Crime is an absolutely free gangster mmorpg. Come join the fastest growing most unique gangster game on the web.
1 2 neutral
8 Darkness Realm | text based
Only the few can survive in a body bag... Can you? A true corpse of the Night can come back and rise to the top!
1 2 neutral
9 MafiaThug | text based
Old School Mafia Game, Mug fight steal your way to the stop make friends or make enemies? The decision is yours!
1 1 neutral
10 Imperium Dev Game | text based
Home for two text-based multiuser networked games
1 2 neutral

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Rank Description IN OUT stats
11 ProFine MuOnline | text based
0 0 neutral
12 Anaroch 3 | text based
A world where you can engage in hand-to-hand combat, explore space, go fishing, build on different skills including fishing, alchemy and harvesting, compete with other guilds to claim glory, or take yourself on a solo mission of your own.
0 0 neutral
13 Time of Castles | text based
Dive into the world of Time of Castles! Learn trades, level stats, fight others, be the best!
0 0 neutral
14 Aeipathy Mafia | text based
Aeipathy Mafia, a new text-based Mafia MMORPG. Looking for staff and a better playerbase!
0 0 neutral
15 Kingdom of heroes | text based
server L2 - C5 full options / we listen you for enjoy your game / please look the website for discover us
0 0 neutral
16 Classic Urban Arena Season 2 FU | text based
Exp 9999%, Drop 80%, Good spots, 3 HIGH SPOTS - REST SPOTS, First spot is in DEVIAS, Second spot is in KANTRU, Third spot is in LOSTTOWER, Wings Drop
0 0 neutral
17 HappyPimpin | text based
Think you've got what it takes to be a pimp? Work your stable of hoes and battle it out to become the biggest and baddest playa!
0 1 neutral
18 NetSchemes RPG | text based
Become the ultimate computer hacker! Play for FREE!
0 2 neutral
19 Death-Wars | text based
Online Text-Based RPG. 2000+ players, weekly updates, active admin!
0 0 neutral
20 Digital MEdieval | text based
Online text based game that is always growing. Medieval but digital.
0 0 neutral
21 Civilian Universe | text based
Fantasy MMORPG explore the world do quests compete against others and find all the hidden features in the game!
0 0 neutral
22 yorkshire gangsterz | text based

0 0 neutral
23 Uranme | text based
A turn-based strategy game which allows you direct control of a simulated nation where you control all diplomatic relations as well as all the nation's military relations.
0 0 neutral
24 avengermu | text based
0 0 neutral
25 Pimp Game | text based
the Pimp Game, the premier online pimp game, allows you to take on the role of a pimp, pimping hoes and battling it out in various cities of the world. Its free to play, so if you up for the challenge, sign up!
0 0 neutral
26 Global-Dons | text based
Global-dons is a new text based mafia game. the games have not yet fully formatte but we are launching the game now :) people have allready signed up. so join and lets see if you can beat the rest.
0 0 neutral
27 Pimp Rage | text based
Pimp The streets, extort shops, deal drugs, kill other players and become top of the world. Win real cash prizes!
0 0 neutral
28 Street Gangstas | text based
Street Gangstas is an exciting and extremely addictive gangstas (mmorpg) role playing game. Work your way up to a world renowned Godfather, battling for power and survival with hundreds of other gangstas. Power, money, greed and darn right evil play hug
0 0 neutral
29 WebZoneMu Sezon III 20 points/le | text based
Version: Sezon III | Exp: 9999 | Drop 100% | All jwl in Shop | All Box in Shop | Online 24/7
0 0 neutral
30 HondenTycoon | text based
Honden-Tycoon is de wereld van de honden, join de gezellige community vandaag nog.
0 0 neutral
31 Mafia Online RPG! | text based
"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." It's up to you to decide who to trust and keep close. Guns, cars, girls, gangs, power, respect, and money. It's all here but how far are you willing to go for it? A game of networking,
0 0 neutral
32 After Life | text based
In this game you have a custom character avatar with weapons, clothes, and armor. You can battle, buy clothes, buy weapons, buy armor, upgrade weapons, and do tons of chat commands like 15+ colors, 10+ smiley's, and 30+ icons.
0 0 neutral
33 MAFIA TURF | text based
MafiaTurf is a FREE web based massive multiplayer online game. You wanna be a real Mafia Don like Al Capone, and the rest, join up, and fight for your TURF!
0 0 neutral
34 gta-ultra | text based
a place to join
0 0 neutral
35 The Rise of Immortals! | text based
A new MMORPG in town? Completely different story line compared to any other text-based MMORPG website! Try out many new updates constantly! Keep yourself busy all day without having to wait for something to charge up!!! Try out The Rise of Immortals today
0 0 neutral
36 Gang Mania 2 - New City New Rule | text based
Welcome To Gang Mania 2 Have You Got The Skills To Become The Biggest Gangster On The Streets Always Being Updated With New Features And Loads More!
0 0 neutral
37 Mobster Web | text based
This is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game based on the real street life.
0 0 neutral
38 World Cup Challenge | text based
World Cup Challenge is a Text Based Soccer MMORPG. WCC is a growing community of players striving to be the best, through skill and determination, you can even join a team. So come check it out today, complete with leagues!
0 0 neutral
39 DaRk_HoRse_Mu | text based
GooD BG Server EXP: 5000x drops 80% BOX +1,+2,+3, in shop ver:1.00L
0 0 neutral
40 The OG War | text based
Join an innovative gangster/mafia game where you will never get bored. New features are added monthly, with interactive flash casino games. This is the future of text base games, where the text become reality.
0 0 neutral
41 Medieval Havoc | text based
Medieval Era MMORPG Browser Game
0 0 neutral
42 Lineage-X | text based
Hola Gente... Aca Les Dejo El Server Lineage-X C5, Es De Argentina!... Es Muy Bueno Los Rates Son x7x7x9 La Pagina Es WwW.Lineage2-X.Tk Ok BYe Salu2 Atte.Alejandro [Soulbringer]
0 0 neutral
43 Elite Conflict | text based
Free text based crime rpg.
0 0 neutral
44 Sanity Challenged Inventors | text based
Mad Science MMORPG - design your invention by selecting the components, then fight other players!
0 1 neutral
45 Mafia-Corruption | text based
The best free mafia game on the net the game is a work in progress and being constantly updated with new features never seen before so come along and give it a try
0 0 neutral
46 | text based
0 0 neutral
47 Mafia Hitman | text based
mafia text base game
0 0 neutral
48 SOL | text based
thsi game is where u get to be a samurai and u can buy weapons like katanas and axes and fight other players and gain experience and money.then u can use that money to buy more weapons and food.then can talk to other people using messages or chatroom
0 1 neutral
49 Mafia Chaos | text based
This is a free text based MMORPG game. Sign up now and start working on improving your ranks to attack and mug people. Create your own gang to get yourself some protection.Commit crimes to earn some cash and buy weapons to help you while attacking
0 0 neutral
50 Richard Johnson | text based
An online mafia based MMORPG
0 1 neutral

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