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Rank Description IN OUT stats
151 Bulova | browser based
Bulova is a mafia game and is browser based. ONLY DUTCH!
0 7 down
152 Army Commander of war | 3d mmorpg
full of joy to make a country, have market, UN, war room, alliance, etc. just click and join it
0 7 down
153 F.E.A.R PvP ServeR | 3d mmorpg
Lineage2 server high rate 20002000300012510 , best admins, 247 online:) come and join us fear pvp server is the place for lineage2 good and strong mashine server in israel...NO LAGS NO LAGS more of 1000 players online...!!!!!
0 9 down
154 Planes of Inifinty | text based
A site that stresses originality and creativity, and boasts a developed universe and community forumt. Create a character in our Planar Universe to fight in an original realm. Join the Mirror Universe to create a media-inspired character.
0 10 down
155 Deenly | text based
A cool online game with constant upgrades and a fun community. They've even got a great forum!
0 7 down
156 Lineage 2 C4 Server Free | 3d mmorpg
Lineage 2 C4 (HighRate) Rate: x5000x5000x6000x30x10000 GM Shop PvP
0 6 down
157 The Midnight Realm | text based
An online role playing forum directly linked to Dark Alleyways, a game by Raven Black. This role play offers siring, binding, incity fights, powers, allies, a historical vampire base, and much more.
0 11 down
158 Imperia Online | browser based
Imperia Online is a web-based massively multiplayer real time strategy online game. It doesn’t need any installation – it can be played from any computer as long as it has internet. The world of Imperia Online is in an age before gunpowder.
0 14 down
159 Imperium of Unity | text based
The Imperium was established to promote peace and goodwill throughout the warring nations. This was done in one violent conflict, and the dregs of this conflict remain. Take control of the Empire in this RPG!
0 12 down
160 Ancient Online | 2d mmorpg
Ancient Online is a free 2D MMORPG. The game is about 1 year old. It has gone through rough times, but its back up and running. Ancient Online is mediaval based.. and has a fun community. Come live your life in the Ancient Online world today
0 13 down

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Rank Description IN OUT stats
161 | text based
So YOU own clubland eh? Choose your weapon! Coz you got some fightin’ to do…
0 16 down
162 DragonNet The Legend Of Mir 3 | 2d mmorpg
Think you have what it takes to be a famous hero in the realms of Mir, or is it the path of the villainous murderer you prefer. Join these dedicated heroes and villains in the world of Mir.
0 11 down
163 Gates of Survival | text based
Set in a desilet land, once ruled by a king, and also ravashed by the world. You, a lone adventurer, set off to explore this town, its ways, its aura. Will you walk through the Gates of Survival?
0 20 down
164 Elvenborn Online | 2d mmorpg
Fantasy based RPG based around an elven war
0 16 down
165 The Five Pillars | text based
The Five Pillars is a FREE multiplayer online game set in a strange, post-apocalyptic world. A multilingual, strategic and diplomatic RPG at its best.
0 15 down
166 HappyPimpin | text based
Think you've got what it takes to be a pimp? Work your stable of hoes and battle it out to become the biggest and baddest playa!
0 15 down
167 Fallen Tear Kingdom | 2d mmorpg
Fallen Tear Kingdom is a totally free online RPG. Fight monsters with your friends, earn items and become one of the 5 top player.
0 15 down
168 World of Dungeons | browser based
WOD is a free, browser-based RPG. In this tick-based battle system you explore a world filled with fantastic creatures and monsters. Can your brave group stand the onslaught and return as true heroes? Find out on
0 20 down
169 Antheleia Online | 3d mmorpg
a free mmorpg workin in progress
0 8 down
170 Icapitalism - online economy sim | browser based
Icapitalism is a online web based economy simulator in real time. Trade, export, import, produce and commit crimes!
0 8 down
171 MMORPG exploits, guides, macros | resource
Extensive MMORPG exploits, guides, macros all availiable at no charge.
0 7 down
172 Phantom-Quest | text based
Phantom-Quest is an exploring based game, placed on a 1000x1000 grid with 9 exciting different towns, and activities such as adopting a child, getting a job, battling, questing and much more!
0 6 down
173 War-Lordz *new* | text based
The war-lordz 2d RPG has many items,Npc's & maps and is online 24/7!!! Check us out!!!
0 4 down
174 LineAge 2 C4 DooM Server Origina | text based
The First Lineage2 C4 Brazilian Server - (2 Worlds, high and low rate) - Dual opteron 246, 4GB ECC RAM, 2x36GB SCSI 15KRPM in RAID0. 1000+ players online. Exp x5 / SP x7/ Adena x10/ Drop x15, striders/wyverns, sieges, weapon glow, mana potion, itens grade
0 4 down
175 The Five Pillars MPOG | browser based
In the mystic world of The Five Pillars you run your own empire. FREE Strategic and diplomatic RPG
0 4 down
176 Weedwar | text based
Online Wargame, plz signup :)
0 4 down
177 WhiteWarrior PvP L2 | 3d mmorpg
< C3/4 Uptime: 99% 24/7 [ NO LAGS !] Two Servers: Low Rate 55x 60x 65x 10x <exp,sp,adena,drop> High Rate 550x 600x 800x 10x | High Enchant rate Hero weapons Gmshop Active GM Team All skills | Striders and Wyverns | Pk is not allowed | Long Buffs
0 2 down
178 Dragon Quest | text based
Just join.
0 4 down
179 Mafia Legends | text based
Online Text Mafia Game
0 4 down
180 The underground zone | resource
0 6 down
181 Murder State | text based
A Fun rpg game full of updates.
0 2 down
182 War-Lordz | 2d mmorpg
War-Lordz is an online 2D rpg with many cool maps, Items and npc's!! Its allso online 24/7
0 6 down
183 Race Of Kingdoms | 3d mmorpg
MMORPG medival fantasy
0 6 down
184 illutia | 2d mmorpg
Amazing 2D online game.Great GM's.Great Graphics.Tons of other nice people.Tons of weapons/armors.Thousands of monsters.Foght NPC's.Donation items.Extremely addicting game.Fast Server.
0 5 down
185 Knights Of Dawn Online (KODO) | 3d mmorpg
3D Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game where you can choose 1 of 3 classes, Warrior, Mage and Rogue to fight the forces of darkness. Hosted by
0 7 down
186 Eternal Paradise | text based
An anime-style MMORPG that is full of action, adventures, etc, You can do cool quests, meet new friends, etc. So please join.
0 5 down
187 Dragons Kingdom - Online RPG! | text based
An online browser based text RPG! - You take the role of a bold adventurer from the Kingdom Of Valour that must now have the courage to defeat the monsters of Dragons Kingdom.
0 9 down
188 Signified L2 | 3d mmorpg
Awsome Lineage2 server!! c3/c4 everything works!! (except some items which they're not important anyways) rates are 10k 10k 10k 10x 10x 10x
0 9 down
189 OrbLands - Free MMORPG | 2d mmorpg
OrbLands i a free mmorpg where you can fight monsters, earn items, and trade items (and more) with other players online!
0 7 down
190 TerraWorld Online Reborn | 2d mmorpg
Terraworld is a FREE, very large, 2D On-line Role-playing game. It is filled with never ending quests and a very active community!
0 11 down
191 Gajas World | 3d mmorpg
Gajas World 20/20/7 rates nice and new growing community everytime is snow time second Highrate server is comming soon
0 5 down
192 Game Further Forums | resource
{World of Warcraft} | {Diablo II} | {Starcraft} | {Warcraft III} =HACKS= =BOTS= =EXPLOITS= =GUIDES= =INFORMATION= ***GREAT COMMUNITY OF GAMERS***
0 5 down
193 Ant's Life | browser based
Be part of playing a great new game, and then help decided its development and changes on the forum. Can you be top ant of your colony? Making friends and beating enemies is important to survive.
0 7 down
194 Macroh Masheen | 3d mmorpg
Macroh Masheen is a programmers game bot/macroer/hack tool that is a cut above anything else out there. It is designed to work with any game.
0 3 down
195 Kinslayer MUD | text based
A Wheel of Time based roleplaying game with playerkilling, roleplaying, clans, and an origional world where the Shadow and Light struggle in a constant battle.
0 8 down
196 Nations Of Carvolia | 2d mmorpg
A free to play MMORPG! Travel various sights, fight monsters, level up and make your own story!
0 7 down
197 Medieval Empires | text based
Choose from 15 different races, each with their pros and cons, and play at your own rhythm. Gather your forces and command legions of soldiers, flocks of mages, and build possibly, the greatest army in the world.
0 3 down
198 Links Legend | text based
this is the best site on earth and it's all to do with legend of zelda
0 8 down
199 Overlord's Legacy | 2d mmorpg
Fight online against several other human opponents. Battle fiercely with your warriors in the land of Mardelan.
0 6 down
200 Pimp World | text based
Pimpin' hoes and killing their pimps.. And racing cars too :-) ... You have never seen a game like this before! High gaming expirence..
0 5 down

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