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Rank Description IN OUT stats
51 Weed Wars | browser based
Weed Wars is a continuous game where you can play against other players, both on the network and on Buy Land, add property, and harvest to gain your weed - or raid others to take theirs! Weed Wars is a criminal game with a st
0 0 down
52 Aligasia-Online | 2d mmorpg
Aligasia-Online2D A fantasy world with myths and legends and storys alike ,Complete quests go on journeys ,ranging from PVP to Pking Dragons to wizards to giant eating slugs we have it all come join in the fun :)
0 1 down
53 Mu Universe | 3d mmorpg
Mu-Universe Season3 Episodio 2 Exp:5000x Drop:80% Full Spot Nuevos Items Bienvenidos Entren Esta es Tu mejor Eleccion
0 0 down
54 Hidden Destiny Online | 2d mmorpg
Hidden Destiny is an Online RPG made with the playerworlds software with over 150+ maps and 9 classes
0 1 down
55 Mu-Dynamics | 2d mmorpg
Mu-Dynamics - Version: 97D+99i, Drop: 90, MUPoints Shop, GodLike items for GrandResets, Custom items, Pets, New Lorencia map, Vote reward system and more Come and join to us now
0 0 down
56 Mechanical Wars | text based
Welcome to Mechanical Wars where metal and flesh become one. In a desperate future where the survivors continue the battles that destroyed our world, your only choice is to ride a mecha into battle or die. As factions vie for control going city by city,
0 0 down
57 visualmu | 3d mmorpg
| visualmuMu | Exp:Medium-9999X| Drop:90% | Chaos Machine Succes Rate=100% | Great Spots and Shops| Kantru Event&NightMar3Event | Wings and jewel | All Events Work | Event by admin every day | Bles
0 1 down
58 Twistmu | 3d mmorpg
xp 500x drop 50 create guild lvl 400 version 1.04x
0 0 down
59 TheMafiaNetwork.Net | browser based
The Ultimate Virtual Criminal World of Modern Mafias
0 0 down
60 Organized Crime | text based
Rise up the ranks of Organized Crime. Start off with small crimes to learn the ways of the street, then gather gangmembers to work for you, fight others, set up missions, run underground businesses, etc. Join and see where the path of crime leads you...
0 3 down

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Rank Description IN OUT stats
61 Drug-Life | browser based
Can you survive ?
0 0 down
62 Dormant Cells | browser based
browser based mmo themed around global terrorism.
0 1 down
63 City of Eternals | browser based
The world's first massively multiplayer online game set in a world of modern Vampires.
0 0 down
64 avid eXistence | browser based
"avid eXistence" is a new browser RTS-MMO, focused on economical, military and teamwork, settled in a possible future. You are to choose between four different factions with unique buildings, technologies and units and totally different gameplay
0 0 down
65 ---===teLOVEscMu===---- | 3d mmorpg
The New Seazon 2 /Exp 5000x/Drop 80%/The Server is The Best /shop end spot is nice good/wings lvl 3/item new!!! come all
0 0 down
66 Civilization - Age of Kings | 3d mmorpg
Civilization - Age of Kings
0 0 down
67 .:Rising Nations:. | text based
Come and join Rising Nations and become the biggest gangsters that Rising Nations has ever seen.
0 0 down
68 Immortal Day - Vampire MMORPG | text based
Stalk your prey, train for battle, and live the life of a vampire or werewolf. When you play Immortal Day, you are going to enjoy every aspect of the game.
0 0 down
69 Eastern Mob | browser based
From 25 august, become a DON and rule the hood. Do your own rules, manipulate people, do legal or illegal bussines with other players, mostly everything you want. LIVE FROM 25 August
0 1 down
70 MedievaLife | browser based
Medieval/fantasy role playing game simulation browser game
0 0 down
71 Omricon Beta | browser based
Omricon Beta is a space strategy game. Take command of your ship, raise money, design and construct the ultimate ship. Make freinds and enemies in this free text base space strategy game!
0 2 down
72 World Gangsters | text based
This gangster game is highly addictive, complete crimes and missions, own top properties, take over the world!
0 0 down
73 OdiOwners MMORPG | 3d mmorpg
OdiOwners MMORPG Full Season3 Episode1 with 3D camera suport | 2000x | 60% drop | New classes | New Wings | Golden Fenrir | New Mix | Long Term Server |
0 1 down
74 Dark Streets | browser based
Fight Your Way To The Top By Incressing Your Stats Street Leveling Mine Leveling Join Street Gangs Or Go Solo Your Fate Is Decided By You And Only You.
0 0 up
75 Icapitalism - online economy sim | browser based
Icapitalism is a online web based economy simulator in real time. Trade, export, import, produce and commit crimes!
0 0 down
76 RIP CITY | text based
RIP City is a text based, Role playing crime game. Commit crimes, Mug people, Play the casino, Be a property broker, Play the stock market, Setup dog fights or claim bounties on peoples heads Train in the gym, Use merits to upgrade, Level up and rank up t
0 0 up
77 After Doomsday | browser based
Post Apocalyptic Earth where survival is based upon your use of resources and fights
0 0 down
78 Legends of the Gods | text based
An Ancient Greek Texted Based RPG with Mulitiple ways to level, with the option to PvP or PvE your way to the top. You can join in on our monthly events and even win real prizes! Come play the newest RPG sinsation today!
0 0 up
79 American Mafia | browser based
A Great Mafia Browser, Unique Layout And Crimes, No Emil Varification Required. Join Free Now!
0 0 up
80 Gangsta Paradise | browser based
Every single player is unique! Work your way up the ranks. Attack, mug, or hospitalize those who get in your way! because to be the best you must defeat the best! Do You think you have what it takes to live the life of crime!!!
0 0 up
81 The Great Rebelion | 3d mmorpg
A war game!
0 0 up
82 NExMu - Long term mu-online serv | text based
NExMu low rate long term muonline server. Exp: 200 drop: 40 wer: 97d+99i. Have a fun in our server.
0 0 up
83 Isvin News Portal | text based
Isvin News Portal
0 0 up
84 MU - KOMBA | 3d mmorpg
| Version: 97r | Exp/Drop: 1500/90 |
0 0 up
85 Lineage For You™ | 3d mmorpg
Gracia Epilogue -3 Server's-Kamaloka•Pailaka•Dark Masion•Skill Certification•Skill 81 83•Transformation•Hellbound•Gracia•Events•Support on-line All Days•Quest, PVP and more for Fun•International Server•No Lag•Freya Itens,Join us NOW!
0 0 up
86 Mobsters Empire | text based
Mobsters Empire is a fast-paced game which allows you to immerse yourself a world of crime and combat. You can work solo, or simply join a crime family. Or perhaps, you can work your way to the top and OWN the crime family?
0 0 up
87 LEGENDS OF MAFIA | text based
Free Turn Based MMORPG Mafia Game, Cash Money. Live Streaming Data, JOIN NOW WIN NOW
0 0 up
88 Wrassle[dot]Net | text based
Wrassle[dot]Net is an online interactive wrestling SIMULATION game that has been online since 1999. You can wrestle opponents in your federation(we have 6 feds), for free and no dowloads. You can learn moves, buy stats, find a stable and more.
0 1 up
89 God Wars II | text based
At the dawn of the ages, in a dark fantasy universe, supernatural beings of godlike power battle for supremacy.
0 0 up
90 Gangsterhood | text based
Gangsterhood is an online mafia game during the golden age of the mafia in the early 1930’s. Only the most evil human beings will survive in this tough world where your enemies can strike at any moment. Make this your world.
0 0 up
91 GoldMu Online | text based
GoldMu Version:97d Exp:5000x Drop: 80% Non-Stop Go all
0 0 up
92 Evening Horrors | text based
Evening Horrors is a zombie based MMROPG which puts you in a post appocolyptic world where you must fight your way to survive.
0 0 up
93 RP - Arena | 3d mmorpg
2 Server RPG 3x3x4 PVP 25x25x25x backup todos os dias, todas áreas C4, Nobres,Heróis,Pescaria todos ativos, GM online constantemente
0 0 up
94 Shift Priston Tale | text based
Começe Nível: 100, Nível Máximo: 169 Aging Não Sobe LV Itens Personalizados 18 Novo mapas Itens Premiuns Desbugados, Aging Liberado SET, Sistema de Battle Points, Botão de Status +10, Coroa de SoD dando premiação, Chat Global, Aging +20
0 0 up
95 First Age of Avalon | text based
After the apocalytptic divine war, the continent of Avalon is bathed in a new dawn where you the mortal can play a major role. This is the original format of the classic Avalon role playing game before civilization evolved and removed the rough edges.
0 0 up
96 Dark Streets | text based
start in the streets at level:1 training to be the Crime Lord
0 0 up
97 Eternal Duel | text based
Welcome to ED, a FREE MMORPG where warriors fight for complete control over an ancient, medieval world. Across the vast countryside, six races live in constant battle with each other. Take up the adventure and journey through this mystical world today!
0 0 up
98 Darkstar | browser based
A cool new RPG where you go from Wicked to Insane
0 0 up
99 Envy the Game | browser based
Will you survive...?
0 0 up
100 Fire Fight | text based
Fire Fight is a new text based Mafia-Style game started January 19th, fight your way to the top and be the most respected Gangster of all time! New updates, Competitions and ways to get to the top are always coming.. Come check it out!
0 0 up

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