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Lands of Hope | browser based
In a world filled with choices, two powers struggle for control. As the veil of darkness slowly chokes the life from the lands, you alone hold the key to change the fate of the world forever. Will you side with the Exiles or the Society?
0 17 4.5 / 5

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Average Rating: 4.5
Number of Ratings: 14

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 User reviews

49 - 2005-08-07 14:28:52
Why only a four of five? Because this game has only just left beta and it has not reached its peak. To be perfect it would stop. This game is under constant work by its singular owner alias Decius. This game is although only just leaving beta is more complex and complete than most browser based games available. The game starts out free four a time of two weeks like most pay games but the cost is only 15$ for permanant account if you use it, although unused accoutns will eventaully get deleted.

This game features a unique system of play in that the player has tens of skills to choose from, crafting such as carpentry, tailoring or cooking, gathering skills like foraging, mining or husbandry, or fighting skills like fists, acid magic or axes. With crafting and fighting character types readily available or even balanced characters that do everything within grasp the possibilities are limitless.

Beyond its skill system Lands of Hope imploys a evolution system for both proffesion and race. At level 50 players choose between three tiers branching off their origional choice of five base proffessions that each have unique skills and statistical advantages making the five character slots easily fillable. Then of course one can choose a branch of races at level 200, there are five options available here and four races on all but one of them (which has two), on these tiers you can choose to stop evolving at any point, or choose to stay human throughout the entire game! This same rule applies to stopping at any one of the proffesions. There are no penalties for stopping at any time.

Besides gameplay this game has a very tightly knit community, constant tech support, helpers in chat, faq and help pages, and an idea submission form inside the game!

All-in-all this game is a must play for anyone, this game is not -for- MMORPG fans, it -makes- them.

485 - 2006-01-15 19:05:26
A great rpg, alot like a final fantasy in terms of gameplay. Great graphics and wonderful people!!!

520 - 2006-01-19 02:14:37
Lots of fun!

941 - 2006-03-04 12:38:01
This is not a game for the faint of heart...for one not willing to work to level. It is the most in-depth game I have found on the net to play. Many challenges exist and there is always something new to learn, something new to accomplish. Lots of thought went into the scripting of this game and I highly recommend Lands of Hope for those who love playing mmorpgs!

970 - 2006-03-08 17:02:24
Great game! It has an Active GM that actually talks to the players like a player! It has a very friendly community that is willing to help you out. And the game is HUGE and will keep you busy for a long time.

1777 - 2006-05-23 09:38:58
A beautiful browser based MMO, this game has definitely outdone its parent game. With so many options for any style of gamer - casual or hardcore, crafter or combat freak, thief or quester, and more....this is a MUST play for anyone wanting a game with loads of content that can keep them busy for quite a while.

The community is awesome, always helpful, new players will find no problems getting started, as there's several ways to find help - manual, tutorial, the game master, and the community itself are always willing to help. Give it a shot!

22743 - 2008-03-01 03:29:11
Lands of Hope (LoH) is a game with a vast world. with a GM that is in the game pretty much daily talking with the players, helping with problems/questions, getting opinions/ideas to help make the game better, makes it unigue. there also is a great range of equipment, skills, spells, ect. all in all, the game is growing and getting better everyday...the comunity is always willing to help and extremely friendly.

92101 - 2016-12-24 17:55:53
viste tutte e due le versioni! Prima in italiano con gli amici domenica poi in originale da solo, oggi. L&7;e1#8acc2nto di Pitt è uno spettacolo! E comunque continuo a non capire perché l’hanno doppiato visto che hanno doppiato solo la parte inglese che è in fondo molto parziale.

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