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Rank Description IN OUT stats
101 Licurici-Mu | 2d mmorpg
Vers:97d...Ex:200x...Drop:100% ...Nice spot and shop...Nice Admin...Join All
0 0 down
102 Want to OWN MMOG for free? | browser based
Own and administrate your own game. No programming skills needed, no money involved. You just need to gather players and run the game and community.
0 0 down
103 KharmaPW | 3d mmorpg
This site offers guides of all sorts for playing Perfect World private servers.
0 0 up
104 Secret of the Solstice | 2d mmorpg
The Secret of the Solstice is a free-to-play MMORPG that features a cute, anime-inspired visual style. Players, monsters, and NPCs are represented as 2D sprites while environments and background elements are rendered in 3D. Join the community as they bat
0 0 down
105 Virtual Realm | 2d mmorpg
Virtual Realm is a free 2D MMORPG. Where you can fight beside your friends with new stuff every day So join us in the never ending world.
0 0 down
106 The Basketball Game Simulator | browser based
BasketStars is a free basket simulator, in this game you will have the total control of a basketball Franchise, you will be able to manage the line-up, roster, staff and rookie recruitment and you will be able to take decisions on merchandasing, arena (se
0 0 down
107 OmenGamingClub | browser based
Online Gaming Community
0 1 down
108 Gindis Games | browser based
Gindis Games is a web based massively multiplayer real time strategy game. The games includes: Research new technologies, The U.N. ,War Room, Spies and Satellites operations, Alliances, Relations, World weapons market and more...
0 0 down
109 Secrets of Asherah | 2d mmorpg
Secrets of Asherah is a free online rpg with a 10 year history. We have 10,000 maps, crafting and interplayer trade, events, a pvp system, hundreds of monsters, player houses and airships, and more. Come check us out!
0 1 down
110 $$$VISUALMU$$$ | 3d mmorpg
| visualmuMu | Exp:Medium-9999X| Drop:90% | Chaos Machine Succes Rate=100% | Great Spots and Shops| Kantru Event&NightMar3Event | Wings and jewel | All Events Work | Event by admin every day |
0 0 down

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Rank Description IN OUT stats
111 The Gun Slingers | text based
Gun Slingers, best online western simulator. The game is a world of its own spanning across the most of the dangerous deserts. Steal, mug, fight and use strategy to rise to the top
0 0 down
112 Mu2-Sunstyle | 3d mmorpg
Welcome to Mu2-Sunstyle EXP=1000 DROP=100 PPL 5 / 7 /7 GOOD AMIN & GM
0 0 down
113 [New] IchigoMu 11 February Open! | 3d mmorpg
[Season 6 Ep 4][From:Romania][Exp:9999x][Drop:100%][MaxStats: 32767][PPL: 10/12][NewItems: 10000+][ItemLvL: +15][WebShop: Yes][VoteReward: Yes][Donate: NO][Come And Play In Best MuOnline Ever!]---Thanks---!
0 0 down
114 Salt & Steel | 2d mmorpg
Pirates, sea battles and amazing, exotic adventures. Create your custom built ship, fight crazy pirates, complete epic fun quests and challenge your friends in the ultimate battles. Cool cartoon style graphics, fully animated. Wicked fun! Totally Free!
0 0 down
115 Berserk-Online | 2d mmorpg
Berserk Online is a fantasy collectible online cards game. There are more than 250 different fantasy cards with different abilities. Use strategy and fantasy in your challenge: you will never play two identical games.
0 0 down
116 criminal Allies | text based
you want to be the best? then join and try it.
0 1 down
117 North MuOnline | 3d mmorpg
MuOnline Season 2 server
0 0 down
118 Dragonball Z 2D MMORPG | 2d mmorpg
A free Dragonball Z 2D MMORPG which is made with the amazing Byond engine, this game requires you to roleplay and features in-depth statistics and even a political system
0 1 down
119 RebirthRO Download Ragnarok | 3d mmorpg
RebirthRO free ragnarok online Private server! New renewal (3rd jobs+Rebellion+Kagerou+Oboro) server named Thor[100/100/10/2]. Two classic servers: Loki[100/100/20] and Eir[5/5/3]. 1000+ players online. 100,000+ active players. 100% secure website.
0 1 down
120 Mu-Deluxe Gaming | 2d mmorpg
New MuOnline Server Season 4 Episode1
0 0 down
121 Chaos Chapter | text based
A Text Based Medievil Warrior Fighting Game
0 0 down
122 Heavens Fall | browser based
Heavens Fall is a great game with potential success. We have a great staff team waiting and willing to help you.
0 1 down
123 NGE City | text based
A Zombie MMORPG Text Based Game
0 0 down
124 Venezuela Mu Season3 Episodio2 + | 3d mmorpg
Venezuela Mu Servidor 1.04z libre de bugeos, Experiencia 1000x, Dropeo 50%, BlessBug ON, Eventos ON, Tu Nueva Experiencia.
0 0 down
125 Mob Master | text based
itís Not for the weak. Do You think you Can Make it? You think your Bad? Letís See You Prove it.. Roam the streets Find a victim? Role with your boys, Beat Down Rival Gangs? Talks Cheap. You Want to be the best then prove it Take the Top Spot.
0 2 down
126 Mobsters Justice Unleashed | text based
Mafia type online game
0 0 down
127 Cosmic Battle | text based
The Universe Is Yours, Now Help Save It!
0 0 down
128 Project Visitor | 3d mmorpg
In the not too distant future, an alien planetoid has entered our solar system. When scientists discover that it is rich in a new energy source called Transium, the biggest land rush in history is on!
0 0 down
129 Criminal Madness | text based
Criminal Madness is about a ex-criminal that desides to become a criminal again.
0 1 down
130 Aligasia-Online | 2d mmorpg
Aligasia-Online2D A fantasy world with myths and legends and storys alike ,Complete quests go on journeys ,ranging from PVP to Pking Dragons to wizards to giant eating slugs we have it all come join in the fun :)
0 0 down
131 Hidden Destiny Online | 2d mmorpg
Hidden Destiny is an Online RPG made with the playerworlds software with over 150+ maps and 9 classes
0 0 down
132 Rosacea | resource
Rosacea is an unknown skin desease. Almost 15 million Americans are infected with rosacea although they are unaware of such thing.Treat Rosacea is a blog with latest information about rosacea and it's treatment.The blog is updated weekly with news ab
0 0 down
133 visualmu | 3d mmorpg
| visualmuMu | Exp:Medium-9999X| Drop:90% | Chaos Machine Succes Rate=100% | Great Spots and Shops| Kantru Event&NightMar3Event | Wings and jewel | All Events Work | Event by admin every day | Bles
0 0 down
134 Text Gangsters | text based
Text-based War - Crimes, Drugs, Hookers and Guns
0 1 down
135 Alliance Mu Season 4 | 2d mmorpg
Season4 Full Working 24/7 no lag no crash 150 xp
0 0 down
136 Organized Crime | text based
Rise up the ranks of Organized Crime. Start off with small crimes to learn the ways of the street, then gather gangmembers to work for you, fight others, set up missions, run underground businesses, etc. Join and see where the path of crime leads you...
0 2 down
137 Iteriam | text based
Iteriam is a browser game featuring an engaging ancient world with thousands of other real players. You will begin as the chief of a tiny village and will embark on an exciting quest. Build up villages, wage wars or establish trade routes.
0 0 down
138 Play Virtual Real Estate Game. | browser based
Play our skill based game for fun and take the challenge to test your skill for real profits!
0 0 down
139 Dormant Cells | browser based
browser based mmo themed around global terrorism.
0 1 down
140 Dark-Mafia | 3d mmorpg
One of the best mafia games
0 2 down
141 Knight's Honor | browser based
The Middle-Ages. A time full of history and tales. Knights, lords and kings tried to change the world for their purposes. Fights, tournaments, battles, 53 nations on a huge map of the Middle-Ages. Weapons and armor, horses, your fiefdom - adventure, glory
0 0 down
142 avid eXistence | browser based
"avid eXistence" is a new browser RTS-MMO, focused on economical, military and teamwork, settled in a possible future. You are to choose between four different factions with unique buildings, technologies and units and totally different gameplay
0 0 down
143 ...:: StarMediaMu ::... | 3d mmorpg
- Server Name: StarMediaMu - Version: 1.04H - Experience: 3000X - Item drop: 80% - Monster HP: 100% - Points per level: 5,7 - Maximum Points: 32 767 - Reset: From the site , Not deleted items and spells of inventory - Reset cost: 10 000 000 Zen - Max leve
0 2 down
144 ---===teLOVEscMu===---- | 3d mmorpg
The New Seazon 2 /Exp 5000x/Drop 80%/The Server is The Best /shop end spot is nice good/wings lvl 3/item new!!! come all
0 0 down
145 .:Rising Nations:. | text based
Come and join Rising Nations and become the biggest gangsters that Rising Nations has ever seen.
0 0 down
146 Solo-Mafia | text based
Brand new game will be under going updates
0 2 down
147 Eastern Mob | browser based
From 25 august, become a DON and rule the hood. Do your own rules, manipulate people, do legal or illegal bussines with other players, mostly everything you want. LIVE FROM 25 August
0 1 down
148 Omricon Beta | browser based
Omricon Beta is a space strategy game. Take command of your ship, raise money, design and construct the ultimate ship. Make freinds and enemies in this free text base space strategy game!
0 2 down
149 RpgZorg - Rpg Magazine | text based
RPG Zorg Magazine is the ultimate sourece of Role Playing games; all fantasy and sci-fi related games. Book reviwes, RPG news, new game releases and much more. Database of all RPG games, strategy and card games (CCG, TCG).
0 2 down
150 OdiOwners MMORPG | 3d mmorpg
OdiOwners MMORPG Full Season3 Episode1 with 3D camera suport | 2000x | 60% drop | New classes | New Wings | Golden Fenrir | New Mix | Long Term Server |
0 1 down

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