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Rank Description IN OUT stats
101 StarGate Ancient Wars | browser based
The Pegasus Galaxy Needs Your Help! Race vs Race Battle for Domination
0 12 up
102 2029 Online | 2d mmorpg
2029 Online a skill based epic Sci-fi MMORPG.. The game designers spent three years crafting an idea into a challenging game experience.
0 12 down
103 Mob Gate | browser based
Este un joc despre mafie in care poti fura masini, omora jucatori si conducatori in curand veti primii si premii in bani adevarati!
0 10 down
104 KoZ Mu S3 MaX - Exp: 999 999 | 3d mmorpg
| KoZ Mu S3 MaX SEASON 3 | Reset: Keep Stats | Start with 1000 lvl up points | All New 3rd Quest| Points: SM/BK/ME-8,MG-9,DL-10 | New Season 3 Wings | New Chaos Mix | New Maps (REFUGE, BARAKS) | New Mobs | KANTURU EVENT | FULL 3D CAMERA | BOX+1/2/3/4/5
0 12 up
105 Welcome To RitZMU | browser based
Enjoy for FUN
0 9 down
106 Bleach: Fight For Pride | 2d mmorpg
A Bleach Online Game
0 19 up
107 Crunked up world | 2d mmorpg
if i made a game i would be happy
0 16 down
108 Ancientrealm | 2d mmorpg
Ancient Realm is a strategic party-based MMORPG for PC. Build up your army of knights, alchemists, ninjas, rangers, wizards, necromancers, barbarians and dozens of other classes. Compete against other playersor compete in the gladiator arena
0 12 up
109 Massive Galaxy | browser based
Massive Galaxy is a FREE, Browser based, Massive Online RPG where you control a ship and are free to explore the dynamic and expanding universe around you. Buy and Equip your ship with powerfull weapons. Explore, Trade, Kill and Evolve.
0 10 down
110 DB World | 2d mmorpg
The first MMORPG based on the Dragonball Universe, great graphics and gameplay. The Server is italian but reached from people all over the world ! If you have some problems don't wait, ask help right now !
0 13 up

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Rank Description IN OUT stats
111 Licurici-Mu | 2d mmorpg
Vers:97d...Ex:200x...Drop:100% ...Nice spot and shop...Nice Admin...Join All
0 10 up
112 Drug Lif3 | browser based
You have finally grown up and left the house and struck out on your own. Oh but the most important thing you forgot.....MONEY!!
0 13 down
113 Want to OWN MMOG for free? | browser based
Own and administrate your own game. No programming skills needed, no money involved. You just need to gather players and run the game and community.
0 12 up
114 Sol Source v1.0a | browser based
Sol Source Beta v1.0a - Browser Based Strategy Game (No Download) We're currently seeking beta testers for our brand new browser based strategy "Sol Source". Any feedback, comments, suggestions will be gladly accept
0 11 down
115 Secret of the Solstice | 2d mmorpg
The Secret of the Solstice is a free-to-play MMORPG that features a cute, anime-inspired visual style. Players, monsters, and NPCs are represented as 2D sprites while environments and background elements are rendered in 3D. Join the community as they bat
0 18 up
116 Fallen Sword | browser based
Fallen Sword is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). In the game you battle fierce creatures and other players to gain experience, gold and better gear as you travel through the many locations.
0 12 down
117 Virtual Realm | 2d mmorpg
Virtual Realm is a free 2D MMORPG. Where you can fight beside your friends with new stuff every day So join us in the never ending world.
0 18 up
118 Gangster-World | text based
Get into the world of mafia for FREE. Kill, steal cars, do crimes dealing drugs and lots more! Join existing Crime Ring or make your own.Gather the crew and fight your way to the top!
0 16 down
119 OmenGamingClub | browser based
Online Gaming Community
0 24 down
120 The Mob War | text based
This is Free online multiplayer mobster game where you do dont need to download and install anything and you can win Huge Cash prizes every round.
0 14 down
121 Son Haber | text based
Son Haberler
0 16 down
122 Gindis Games | browser based
Gindis Games is a web based massively multiplayer real time strategy game. The games includes: Research new technologies, The U.N. ,War Room, Spies and Satellites operations, Alliances, Relations, World weapons market and more...
0 14 down
123 Universe On Edge | browser based
Universe on Edge is a space strategy game with hundreds of players simultaneously trying to be the best.
0 15 down
124 $$$VISUALMU$$$ | 3d mmorpg
| visualmuMu | Exp:Medium-9999X| Drop:90% | Chaos Machine Succes Rate=100% | Great Spots and Shops| Kantru Event&NightMar3Event | Wings and jewel | All Events Work | Event by admin every day |
0 24 down
125 Naruto Online World - N.O.W. | 2d mmorpg
A Naruto based 2D MMORPG
0 17 down
126 Mafia State of Mind | text based
Bring your streets skills and books smarts to the MAFIA: State of Mind.
0 14 down
127 Mu2-Sunstyle | 3d mmorpg
Welcome to Mu2-Sunstyle EXP=1000 DROP=100 PPL 5 / 7 /7 GOOD AMIN & GM
0 22 down
128 Arcane Sanctuary | 2d mmorpg
A fun EO Private Server, Come Join Today!
0 24 down
129 Berserk-Online | 2d mmorpg
Berserk Online is a fantasy collectible online cards game. There are more than 250 different fantasy cards with different abilities. Use strategy and fantasy in your challenge: you will never play two identical games.
0 21 down
130 Ars Regendi | browser based
Political online game and economic simulation
0 19 down
131 Dragonball Z 2D MMORPG | 2d mmorpg
A free Dragonball Z 2D MMORPG which is made with the amazing Byond engine, this game requires you to roleplay and features in-depth statistics and even a political system
0 26 down
132 Purge - Free Online 2D RPG | 2d mmorpg
Purge is a free to play Online RPG which is constantly being updated. Purge is a community based game which focuses on exploration, fighting bosses, PVP, guilds and much more! In Purge you can from 4 totally different player Classes.
0 20 down
133 Heavens Fall | browser based
Heavens Fall is a great game with potential success. We have a great staff team waiting and willing to help you.
0 18 down
134 Venezuela Mu Season3 Episodio2 + | 3d mmorpg
Venezuela Mu Servidor 1.04z libre de bugeos, Experiencia 1000x, Dropeo 50%, BlessBug ON, Eventos ON, Tu Nueva Experiencia.
0 14 down
135 Online Wrestling Game - Train y | browser based
Online Wrestling Game - Train your own wrestler and win a champion title
0 12 down
136 Mob Master | text based
itís Not for the weak. Do You think you Can Make it? You think your Bad? Letís See You Prove it.. Roam the streets Find a victim? Role with your boys, Beat Down Rival Gangs? Talks Cheap. You Want to be the best then prove it Take the Top Spot.
0 16 down
137 The Mob World | browser based
Become the best mobster in The Mob World by competing against other mobsters, making drugs you can use in crimes, training dogs for dog fighting, tuning your car for races, and so much more! Many trophies to earn with rewards for gaining them, or you can
0 20 down
138 Cosmic Battle | text based
The Universe Is Yours, Now Help Save It!
0 16 down
139 Titan Online | 3d mmorpg
Evil spirits have come from another world to China. It is up to you to find the great weapon called Titan and chase them back to the other world from wence they came. PvP action, exp events, quests!!
0 14 down
140 Project Visitor | 3d mmorpg
In the not too distant future, an alien planetoid has entered our solar system. When scientists discover that it is rich in a new energy source called Transium, the biggest land rush in history is on!
0 20 down
141 Weed Wars | browser based
Weed Wars is a continuous game where you can play against other players, both on the network and on Buy Land, add property, and harvest to gain your weed - or raid others to take theirs! Weed Wars is a criminal game with a st
0 12 down
142 Aligasia-Online | 2d mmorpg
Aligasia-Online2D A fantasy world with myths and legends and storys alike ,Complete quests go on journeys ,ranging from PVP to Pking Dragons to wizards to giant eating slugs we have it all come join in the fun :)
0 18 down
143 Mu Universe | 3d mmorpg
Mu-Universe Season3 Episodio 2 Exp:5000x Drop:80% Full Spot Nuevos Items Bienvenidos Entren Esta es Tu mejor Eleccion
0 11 down
144 Mu-Dynamics | 2d mmorpg
Mu-Dynamics - Version: 97D+99i, Drop: 90, MUPoints Shop, GodLike items for GrandResets, Custom items, Pets, New Lorencia map, Vote reward system and more Come and join to us now
0 14 down
145 Hidden Destiny Online | 2d mmorpg
Hidden Destiny is an Online RPG made with the playerworlds software with over 150+ maps and 9 classes
0 19 down
146 Mechanical Wars | text based
Welcome to Mechanical Wars where metal and flesh become one. In a desperate future where the survivors continue the battles that destroyed our world, your only choice is to ride a mecha into battle or die. As factions vie for control going city by city,
0 17 down
147 visualmu | 3d mmorpg
| visualmuMu | Exp:Medium-9999X| Drop:90% | Chaos Machine Succes Rate=100% | Great Spots and Shops| Kantru Event&NightMar3Event | Wings and jewel | All Events Work | Event by admin every day | Bles
0 14 down
148 Twistmu | 3d mmorpg
xp 500x drop 50 create guild lvl 400 version 1.04x
0 13 down
149 TheMafiaNetwork.Net | browser based
The Ultimate Virtual Criminal World of Modern Mafias
0 14 down
150 Organized Crime | text based
Rise up the ranks of Organized Crime. Start off with small crimes to learn the ways of the street, then gather gangmembers to work for you, fight others, set up missions, run underground businesses, etc. Join and see where the path of crime leads you...
0 16 down

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