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101 Shift Priston Tale | text based
Começe Nível: 100, Nível Máximo: 169 Aging Não Sobe LV Itens Personalizados 18 Novo mapas Itens Premiuns Desbugados, Aging Liberado SET, Sistema de Battle Points, Botão de Status +10, Coroa de SoD dando premiação, Chat Global, Aging +20
0 0 down
102 First Age of Avalon | text based
After the apocalytptic divine war, the continent of Avalon is bathed in a new dawn where you the mortal can play a major role. This is the original format of the classic Avalon role playing game before civilization evolved and removed the rough edges.
0 0 down
103 Dark Streets | text based
start in the streets at level:1 training to be the Crime Lord
0 0 down
104 Eternal Duel | text based
Welcome to ED, a FREE MMORPG where warriors fight for complete control over an ancient, medieval world. Across the vast countryside, six races live in constant battle with each other. Take up the adventure and journey through this mystical world today!
0 0 down
105 Darkstar | browser based
A cool new RPG where you go from Wicked to Insane
0 2 down
106 Envy the Game | browser based
Will you survive...?
0 0 down
107 Fire Fight | text based
Fire Fight is a new text based Mafia-Style game started January 19th, fight your way to the top and be the most respected Gangster of all time! New updates, Competitions and ways to get to the top are always coming.. Come check it out!
0 0 down
108 Nights Mafia | text based
Created on 13/01/2011
0 2 down
109 Demonic Wrath | browser based
Demonic Wrath. Here you will find a world filled with hours of entertainment for absolutely free! Commit crimes and kill people you don't like to build your character and get to the top. Work out in the gym, or gamble your hard earned money at the ca
0 0 down
110 KharmaPW | 3d mmorpg
This site offers guides of all sorts for playing Perfect World private servers.
0 0 down

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Rank Description IN OUT stats
111 Bleach: Soul Of Chaos | text based
Text based online rpg that focuses around the world of the popular anime Bleach
0 1 down
112 The Basketball Game Simulator | browser based
BasketStars is a free basket simulator, in this game you will have the total control of a basketball Franchise, you will be able to manage the line-up, roster, staff and rookie recruitment and you will be able to take decisions on merchandasing, arena (se
0 4 down
113 DownTown Mafia | text based
An MMORPG with near 100,000 players, constantly growing and evolving, This game been open around the 3 year mark now and has signs of sticking around allot longer. Come and check it out and spend your time on gaming on a website what cares.
0 1 down
114 Son Haber | text based
Son Haberler
0 3 down
115 Secrets of Asherah | 2d mmorpg
Secrets of Asherah is a free online rpg with a 10 year history. We have 10,000 maps, crafting and interplayer trade, events, a pvp system, hundreds of monsters, player houses and airships, and more. Come check us out!
0 3 down
116 MuOnline Server | 3d mmorpg
WaRBG.Com is MuOnline Server.99b+ Version.Max Exp rate:9999exp.80%drope rate.In shop have:box+1,2,3,4,5+all jevels+Items.For mor info visit webpage:)
0 0 down
117 MeatHaMu | 3d mmorpg
S3 e1 5000xp 100drop cool shops spots and gms, and cool prizes for the bests players
0 3 down
118 The Gun Slingers | text based
Gun Slingers, best online western simulator. The game is a world of its own spanning across the most of the dangerous deserts. Steal, mug, fight and use strategy to rise to the top
0 3 down
119 blackaftermath a Text Based Game | text based
blackaftermath Is a Text Based Mafia Game whit Turns and Clans REALLY COOL GAME!
0 2 down
120 [New] IchigoMu 11 February Open! | 3d mmorpg
[Season 6 Ep 4][From:Romania][Exp:9999x][Drop:100%][MaxStats: 32767][PPL: 10/12][NewItems: 10000+][ItemLvL: +15][WebShop: Yes][VoteReward: Yes][Donate: NO][Come And Play In Best MuOnline Ever!]---Thanks---!
0 7 down
121 Grand Prix Racing Online | browser based
Try to be a successful F1 team manager like Dennis, Todt or Briatore. Manage your grand prix team to success by building good cars, developing good race strategies, hiring the right drivers and staff and planning for the future.
0 1 down
122 Salt & Steel | 2d mmorpg
Pirates, sea battles and amazing, exotic adventures. Create your custom built ship, fight crazy pirates, complete epic fun quests and challenge your friends in the ultimate battles. Cool cartoon style graphics, fully animated. Wicked fun! Totally Free!
0 8 down
123 The Ethereal Destiny | text based
An online, text-based game that has new updates everyday. You can become a mage, or a fighter, or a mix, and train many attributes, fight many NPC's, or other players, and much much more
0 1 down
124 criminal Allies | text based
you want to be the best? then join and try it.
0 4 down
125 L2.Shadows | 3d mmorpg
Lineage 2 Throne 1 Ultimate PvP Server
0 1 down
126 North MuOnline | 3d mmorpg
MuOnline Season 2 server
0 5 down
127 Megaman Network Ace: | text based
Megaman Network Ace is the absolute finest message board RPG. It is very neat, tidy, relaxing and fun. Log in to access all of the neat features. If you like Megaman, you'll like it even more!
0 3 down
128 Mu-Deluxe Gaming | 2d mmorpg
New MuOnline Server Season 4 Episode1
0 3 down
129 Our - Reflection | 3d mmorpg
20x EXP Rate - Selfmade Droprate - 24/7 Online - Vista rdy - Secured By KOSP / KOCP - Much New Areas - New Boss Monsters - New Towns - Quests to level 100 - Double Quest exp -
0 0 down
130 Chaos Chapter | text based
A Text Based Medievil Warrior Fighting Game
0 2 down
131 NGE City | text based
A Zombie MMORPG Text Based Game
0 1 down
132 quomu | 3d mmorpg
private muonline server/mu online server come play(1.04h) (1.00.16beta39) 3000xp 7lvluppoints gr reward system,many hotspots ,easy lvling,bb on(sd pots),good stuff in shops
0 0 down
133 Mobsters Justice Unleashed | text based
Mafia type online game
0 1 down
134 Code75: Cult Uprising | text based
Free MMORPG. Form a cult and lead your followers to victory over others in the game. Plus, get others to play and make real money! Gamble on Live Sporting Events!! Get your trench coats and poisoned Kool-Aid ready and sign up today!
0 1 down
135 Criminal Madness | text based
Criminal Madness is about a ex-criminal that desides to become a criminal again.
0 1 down
136 Ultimate Dominion | text based
Free Massive multi-player RPG, Live moderated chat suitable for all ages, Come cast spells and wield powerful weapons against 400+ monsters... and each other. Play our new Monster Bingo or participate in our new Mining update.Join a clan or play alone
0 0 down
137 Mu-Dynamics | 2d mmorpg
Mu-Dynamics - Version: 97D+99i, Drop: 90, MUPoints Shop, GodLike items for GrandResets, Custom items, Pets, New Lorencia map, Vote reward system and more Come and join to us now
0 0 down
138 Mcc.3-Moldova | text based
Season 4 Exp 3000x Drop 90% Point LVL 10-15 Point Str 3000 Agi 3000 Ene 3000 Vit 3000 On 24/24
0 0 down
139 Rosacea | resource
Rosacea is an unknown skin desease. Almost 15 million Americans are infected with rosacea although they are unaware of such thing.Treat Rosacea is a blog with latest information about rosacea and it's treatment.The blog is updated weekly with news ab
0 0 down
140 Mob Master Extreme | text based
This is Mob Master Extreme... it’s Not for the weak. Do You think you Can Make it? You think your Bad? Let’s See You Prove it.. Roam the streets Find a victim? Role with your boys, Beat Down Rival Gangs? Talks Cheap. You Want to be the best then prove it
0 0 down
141 Text Gangsters | text based
Text-based War - Crimes, Drugs, Hookers and Guns
0 0 down
142 DIVINITY MU SEASON 4 ITEMS (XP : | 3d mmorpg
Get Free Shop Credits From Your Resets!Dedicated Servers,Long Term Server, EXP: Maximum Drop: 80%, All Season3 Events, Items, Maps, Monsters,Wings,Quests!,@Dragon-- Pet@, ExtraVaults,Shield, all bok and wings in shop System!JOIN US!Friendly GMs!Good Suppo
0 0 down
143 Alliance Mu Season 4 | 2d mmorpg
Season4 Full Working 24/7 no lag no crash 150 xp
0 0 down
144 Foreign World | browser based
A browser based RPG where you can create a mighty hero or a highskilled craftsman.
0 0 down
145 Iteriam | text based
Iteriam is a browser game featuring an engaging ancient world with thousands of other real players. You will begin as the chief of a tiny village and will embark on an exciting quest. Build up villages, wage wars or establish trade routes.
0 1 down
146 Caribic Islands | browser based
Caribic Islands is a browser based strategy game. A pirate stranded on a deserted island, the players develop their own economy, colonize other islands and join alliances.
0 0 down
147 Play Virtual Real Estate Game. | browser based
Play our skill based game for fun and take the challenge to test your skill for real profits!
0 0 down
148 Fantasy Lords | browser based
Fantasy Lords is the ultimate fantasy war game setting players against eachother in a battle for complete dominance.
0 1 down
149 Dark-Mafia | 3d mmorpg
One of the best mafia games
0 0 down
150 galactica imperia | 3d mmorpg
real time space adventure
0 1 down

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