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Rank Description IN OUT stats
1 *FULL SEASON 5* LOSTTOWER MU | 3d mmorpg
1 26 neutral
2 Sacred-Bulgaria | 3d mmorpg
Official forum for Sacred in Bulgaria
1 15 neutral
3 DarkSide - MuOnline | 3d mmorpg
DarkSide MuOnline Site
1 20 neutral
4 Stelanthir online RPG | 3d mmorpg
A new free 3D MMORPG (Development)
0 30 neutral
5 MIMESIS ONLINE | 3d mmorpg
An online mmorpg
0 31 neutral
6 XUnleashed - Pluged into Gaming! | 3d mmorpg
Takes the brunt work out of gaming, macros, scripts, bots!!
0 15 neutral
7 FFXI Gexem | 3d mmorpg
THe Ultimate FFXI MMORPG Experience
0 11 neutral
8 Danger Zone Online:The 3RD Realm | 3d mmorpg
The long awaited 3D Version of Danger Zone Online. Come play, for free!
0 7 neutral
9 Realm Fighter | 3d mmorpg
Realm Fighter is a 3D MMORPG set in a fantasy enviroment, with monsters to kill, quests to complete, and treasure to win. You control your character who will become more powerful the more you play. You have an ultimate mission to become ruler of the ream!
0 7 neutral
10 StarzingerRO Free RO Server! | 3d mmorpg
Join the fun in the world of Ragnarok Online, SRO is a free RO server with 30/30/10 rates, all the latest updates including new cards, headgears, taekwon and custom NPCs. We have a good community and fair GMs. Join today!
0 7 neutral

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Rank Description IN OUT stats
11 NullL2 | 3d mmorpg
Chronicle 4, 14x rates, come try us. We're different, for the better.
0 10 neutral
12 Lectro PvP Server C3+C4 | 3d mmorpg
Rates are 180x/200x/250x/1x/1x All stuff in Giran(GM Shop, Profession Changer, TV) Friendly GM & more Events!! 100Mbit connection! Join us!
0 6 neutral
13 Meganet Lineage2 C4 Server | 3d mmorpg
First Lineage2 C4 server in mariupol, ukraine. Good connection. Many interesting events, tournaments. Welcome to wonderful world of Lineage2! Rates
0 7 neutral
14 Lineage2 Wide C5 | 3d mmorpg
Join the fastest growing Lineage2 Server! Live chat suitable for all ages, Come cast spells and wield powerful weapons against monsters and each other. Join a clan or play alone. Wide Server-Rates X5 / Chaos Server-Rates X100 / Combat Server-Rates X1000
0 9 neutral
15 Lineage ][ The Anima Chronicle | 3d mmorpg
A Free Lineage 2 Server based on the Chronicle 3-4. No bugs ! Two server (Anima 4/4/4/4) and Anima PvP (1000/1000/1000/1000)
0 8 neutral
16 Shiradell | 3d mmorpg
Shiradell is a Free to play 3D mmorpg wtih great uniqe feature's. Our you tired of sitting in the same spot leveling day after day. With Shiradell You will be immersed into a giant Fully 3D world. Fight to gain levels, Do Quests to gain fame.
0 7 neutral
17 F.E.A.R PvP ServeR | 3d mmorpg
Lineage2 server high rate 20002000300012510 , best admins, 247 online:) come and join us fear pvp server is the place for lineage2 good and strong mashine server in israel...NO LAGS NO LAGS more of 1000 players online...!!!!!
0 9 neutral
18 Lineage 2 C4 Server Free | 3d mmorpg
Lineage 2 C4 (HighRate) Rate: x5000x5000x6000x30x10000 GM Shop PvP
0 7 neutral
19 WhiteWarrior PvP L2 | 3d mmorpg
< C3/4 Uptime: 99% 24/7 [ NO LAGS !] Two Servers: Low Rate 55x 60x 65x 10x <exp,sp,adena,drop> High Rate 550x 600x 800x 10x | High Enchant rate Hero weapons Gmshop Active GM Team All skills | Striders and Wyverns | Pk is not allowed | Long Buffs
0 9 neutral
20 Knights Of Dawn Online (KODO) | 3d mmorpg
3D Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game where you can choose 1 of 3 classes, Warrior, Mage and Rogue to fight the forces of darkness. Hosted by
0 8 neutral
21 Signified L2 | 3d mmorpg
Awsome Lineage2 server!! c3/c4 everything works!! (except some items which they're not important anyways) rates are 10k 10k 10k 10x 10x 10x
0 16 neutral
22 Gajas World | 3d mmorpg
Gajas World 20/20/7 rates nice and new growing community everytime is snow time second Highrate server is comming soon
0 8 neutral
23 Macroh Masheen | 3d mmorpg
Macroh Masheen is a programmers game bot/macroer/hack tool that is a cut above anything else out there. It is designed to work with any game.
0 5 neutral
24 AW Planet | 3d mmorpg
Absolutely free - Low traffic and system requirements - Full 3D graphics - Mysterious world - Group playing - Advanced combat - Friendly community - Join us now!
0 19 neutral
25 Blood Clans | 3d mmorpg
A fast paced 3D RPG that pays the winners in Cold Hard Cash! Blood Clans has an ancient world theme with 6 different Kingdoms you can join and many, many roles! The game is in development but nearly complete. Come and help us test and win real money!
0 7 neutral
26 Final Fantasy XI - brasil forum | 3d mmorpg
Forum brasilero de FFXI
0 8 neutral
27 Escalation Online | 3d mmorpg
A Free to play modern day Action Online RPG set in a multiperson view where the player can own housing, purchase vehicles, develop job types and become a somebody from a nobody!
0 9 neutral
28 Project Visitor | 3d mmorpg
In the not too distant future, an alien planetoid has entered our solar system. When scientists discover that it is rich in a new energy source called Transium, the biggest land rush in history is on!
0 9 neutral
29 Mu Mandresti the best ever ! | 3d mmorpg
0 6 neutral
30 ImperialRO | 3d mmorpg
This is a Ragnarok Online Server. :: 1k/1k/5 :: Battle Your Foes And Help Your Friends To Make It To The Very Top. [Taekwon, Star Gladiator, Soul Linker Jobs] Awesome [MVP] Room And Costum Items To Come...
0 6 neutral
31 Mu-Worldwide | 3d mmorpg
Mu-Worldwide: v1.02d Come and experience the world of Mu. The best server to ever come across with new maps and items to explore for.
0 5 neutral
32 | 3d mmorpg
1k/1k/50 Friendly free non-pk server. WoE, pets, custom items, NPCs, monsters, dungeons, events.
0 8 neutral
33 Mu-Worldwide | 3d mmorpg
Join in on the fight against the evil forces of Kundun. Venture through the land of dark enemies across the regions of Mu. Meet new allies or encounter enemies along your journey as a warrior. Choose from five different classes of warriors.
0 10 neutral
34 DSKY WoW server | 3d mmorpg
DesTinAtion SkyLinE WoW server
0 9 neutral
35 SWG pre-CU just like the good ol | 3d mmorpg
SWG pre-CU just like the good ol days!
0 6 neutral
36 La Tierra de Eria | 3d mmorpg
Servidor rolero 100% con nueva perspectiva de juego: Odio entre razas, nuevas armas, skills. Basado en C4. 24/7 Online!
0 5 neutral
37 War Of Shadows | 3d mmorpg
Just join the game please...
0 8 neutral
38 NoMaDsMu | 3d mmorpg
mu online
0 9 neutral
39 The Saga of Gaia | 3d mmorpg
3D , 2D & Browser MMORPG
0 8 neutral
40 Gangsta Mu | 3d mmorpg
MuOnline Private Server
0 9 neutral
41 ExileL2 | 3d mmorpg
Enter In The Site and see the description
0 7 neutral
42 HopZone Lineage2 Private Servers | 3d mmorpg
Here you can see if the server is online or offline and also you can see the % of uptime in one week for a particular server. 400+ Servers for you to choose from and play for free
0 3 neutral
43 Lineage II Eternal | GERMAN C4 l | 3d mmorpg
2 L2 C4 Server [high 150-150-450|low 4-4-5-6-7]Working C4-Areas, Monsters & Skills, working Subclasses & 3rd Classchange, Tatoos & Symbols, Fishing, working C4 Pets - Beast Spirit-Soulshouts, S Grade Weapons, Armor & Recipies, Clanhalls, D
0 9 neutral
44 L2Nawak | 3d mmorpg
Serveur C4, Fr, High rate, GMShop, seven sign, comunauté conviviale, GMactif. 50/70/90!! rare coupure
0 8 neutral
45 L2 Memories | 3d mmorpg
Rate 8x exp 8x sp 10x adena 20x drop,C4GmShop,C4skill,C4Mob,Olympid,C4SevenSigns,Event Dragons Invasion Cittes!Hero & Nobbleses system & Fishing
0 8 neutral
46 RP - Arena | 3d mmorpg
2 Server RPG 3x3x4 PVP 25x25x25x backup todos os dias, todas áreas C4, Nobres,Heróis,Pescaria todos ativos, GM online constantemente
0 6 neutral
47 L2Junkie C4 4000x | 3d mmorpg
Auto PvP Hero Events ,AllPetsNstore, Fishing, Working SubClass, AUTO SKILLS, AutoBuffs, 3 Hour Buffs, 100% Enchant Success, 100% Uptime, 3 Servers<CraftingLowRate><NoCraftingLowRate><PVP Server 4000xExp> JOIN NOW FREE
0 6 neutral
48 Dark Lotus Guild L2 | 3d mmorpg
C4 mobs,spoils,drops, Rates 10x/15x/20x drop/30x adena. Free global gatekeepers, 3rd class, Events! Working seven sighns, Full necro/catacombs spawns! Custom shops! Fishing, Bonus xp rates for higher level mobs. Regular Updates!
0 5 neutral
49 MuTuServer | 3d mmorpg
MuTu 97d Server Exp=1500x, Drop=90%, BB=ON, 24/7, NO LAG! Long Term!
0 8 neutral
50 l2forever | 3d mmorpg
lineage 2 c4 rates xp 15x sp 20x adena 35x drop 15x spoil 15x
0 6 neutral

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