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Rank Description IN OUT stats
1 Endless Online | 2d mmorpg
A free real-time third-person isometric mmorpg. Design your own anime characters, explore, fight npcs, earn items & EXP and meet the the other online players...
4 6 neutral
2 RoyalCo Private Server | 2d mmorpg
Conquer Online 5095 1000xp Private Server
0 1 neutral
3 Akarrian Expansion | 2d mmorpg
Akarrian Expansion is a 2d multi player online role play game. Players can trade with each other, hunt together, craft items and weapons, accept quests, form clans, cast spells and start wars. Download and play for free!
0 1 neutral
4 Tales of Garvale | 2d mmorpg
A 2D MMORPG game where you can train to be as a mage and fight as a warrior and enjoy some quests as you gain can become the highest lvl player or just be there and talk.
0 1 neutral
5 War-Lordz | 2d mmorpg
War-Lordz is an online 2D rpg with many cool maps, Items and npc's!! Its allso online 24/7
0 1 neutral
6 Dragon Ball Unbound | 2d mmorpg
Gra w świecie Dragon Ball...
0 1 neutral
7 Aranock-online | 2d mmorpg
Aranock-online is a free online role playing game (RPG) with multiplayer access (MMORPG)
0 1 neutral
8 Mystic World Online 2 | 2d mmorpg
2D RPG game with +30 skills to master, custom character, guilds, PvP, community, forums, and unique features that no other FSO has. Join now!
0 1 neutral
9 Mafia Hitmen | 2d mmorpg
Enter the Mobster world and you will become the boss of a crime gang. As a mobster, you won't have any legal restraints to make money. Indeed, your options are infinite.
0 1 neutral
10 MuForce | 2d mmorpg
MuForce| season3 FULL| exp = max drop-60%| SPOTS++| good admins and GM| 24/7 | Longs terms|good shops| work all events| JOIN NOW
0 1 neutral

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Rank Description IN OUT stats
11 Mythica Online | 2d mmorpg
Free 2d MMORPG,Very fun, Fast Download
0 1 neutral
12 Adventures Online | 2d mmorpg
This is a 2d mmorpg server of game Endless-Online. The game is pixel based and you can enjoy tons of pixels here!Custom graphics, effects..Enjoy mining, fishing, harvest, pvp, crafting and lots of more features.Join now!
0 1 neutral
13 EntropyMu | 2d mmorpg
Principal Server: Xp: 1000 Drop: 85% Bles Bug: Off ... Server Vip: Xp: 1500 Drop: 90%,, Pag: Foro:
0 1 neutral
14 Naruto N.S.O. | 2d mmorpg
A mmorpg of Naruto!
0 1 neutral
15 Virtual Realm | 2d mmorpg
Virtual Realm is a free 2D MMORPG. Where you can fight beside your friends with new stuff every day So join us in the never ending world.
0 1 neutral
16 Chain of Command | 2d mmorpg
Action, WWII Multiplayer game
0 1 neutral
17 Heltera 8.4 Tibia Server | 2d mmorpg
medieval fantasy rpg
0 1 neutral
18 Pirate Quests | 2d mmorpg
Pirate Quests is a free turn based multi player online strategy pirate game. Do you crave adventure, thrive on competition and hunger for strategy? You are a pirate. Do you have what it takes to rule the seven seas? No guts, No glory! turn based, text bas
0 1 neutral
19 MapleStory | 2d mmorpg

0 1 neutral
20 PvP-MuOnline | 2d mmorpg
Version: Season III Ep I Exp & Drop: 250x & 100% Bless Bug: OFF MonsterHp: 100% Reset Stats - 1000 Points Server Online: 24/24 Points Per Level: 15/17/27 Guild Create Level: 150 Character Reset Level: 400 V.I.P. Character Reset Level: 350
0 1 neutral
21 Mobster-Gods | 2d mmorpg
Mafia game - be a REAL Mafioso!
0 1 neutral
22 GeoNet Online | 2d mmorpg
GeoNet Online is a 2D Multiplayer RPG game that is forever expanding and accepting members!
0 1 neutral
23 Purge - Free Online 2D RPG | 2d mmorpg
Purge is a free to play Online RPG which is constantly being updated. Purge is a community based game which focuses on exploration, fighting bosses, PVP, guilds and much more! In Purge you can from 4 totally different player Classes.
0 1 neutral
24 Quest | 2d mmorpg
Its an old style 2d orpg with great community,lots of monsters to fight...they sometimes drop items that will help you on becoming the strongest player.
0 1 neutral
25 ...:::FreeFly Hacking Team:::... | 2d mmorpg
--- New Romanian Hacking Forum About Hacking : MuOnline , Lineage II , World of Warcraft , Yahoo Messenger & Others + GUIDES!!! Join Now !!! ;) ---
0 1 neutral
26 Crusaders Online | 2d mmorpg
new mmorpg
0 1 neutral
27 Eccentric Online World | 2d mmorpg
Eccentric Online World Is a 2d Remake of the Game Endless Online Many things have been changed added and remade some of the things u will find around Eoworlds are Pets Fishing Woodcutting Mining Many Shops Unique Weapons Number of Powerful Classes Bosses
0 1 neutral
28 Salt & Steel | 2d mmorpg
Pirates, sea battles and amazing, exotic adventures. Create your custom built ship, fight crazy pirates, complete epic fun quests and challenge your friends in the ultimate battles. Cool cartoon style graphics, fully animated. Wicked fun! Totally Free!
0 2 neutral
29 ATS Online | 2d mmorpg
Abovetopsecret Online **
0 1 neutral
30 Overlord's Legacy | 2d mmorpg
Fight online against several other human opponents. Battle fiercely with your warriors in the land of Mardelan.
0 1 neutral
31 Amsterdam Redlite | 2d mmorpg
Amsterdam's notorious Red Light District. You start off as an entrepreneur trying to make a living for yourself and ultimately build your business into the most lucrative business in the city
0 1 neutral
32 Fantasy World online | 2d mmorpg
Join Players As we Journey Back into time To fight Dragons and Evil Wizards In this 2d mmorpg!
0 1 neutral
33 alones | 2d mmorpg
0 2 neutral
34 Legion Of Anuxia 2d Rpg | 2d mmorpg
A new 2d rpg game Legends of Anuxia, made from extreme worlds. can purchase items through paypal. VERY NEW. Looking for community, or even morderators...and help with the game.
0 1 neutral
35 Heart of The Dragon | 2d mmorpg
0 1 neutral
36 Naruto World MMORPG | 2d mmorpg
The best Naruto MMORPG with different jobs, missions, and fighting with full animations
0 1 neutral
37 conquer online private server | 2d mmorpg
0 1 neutral
38 HOT-Mu | 2d mmorpg
Serverio verisja: Season3 Episode1
0 1 neutral
39 Phantasy War Online | 2d mmorpg
Come to play the best MMORPG 2D (BR and EUA) See you in the World of Phantasy War Online
0 1 neutral
40 War-Lordz | 2d mmorpg
Warlordz has many npc's, Items and maps for hours of fun! and its online 24/7 and totally FREE!!!
0 2 neutral
41 ...::MuZuliaS6::... | 2d mmorpg
MuZulia Season6 Ep2 Exp:3500 Drop 70%, Nuevos Mapas, Mobs, Npc, Nuevo Pj Rage, Mas de 300 item nuevos, Armas, Sets, Socket System 100%
0 1 neutral
42 Fantasy World Rebourn | 2d mmorpg
A Fun Action RPG Online Multiplayer Game FREE
0 1 neutral
43 °°GERMANIA MU°° | 2d mmorpg
Deutscher Privat Server Season2 ^^ 5000 Exp / 80 % Drops und vieles mehr wir freuen uns auf euch
0 1 neutral
44 The Legend of Zelda: Online | 2d mmorpg
The Legend of Zelda Online allows you to take control of a range of characters known from the Zelda series, and calmly chat in a peaceful town, or enter an all out brawl to be the champion. Only here can you take the Hylain adventure online.
0 1 neutral
45 The Carmen of Bellum | 2d mmorpg
The Carmen of Bellum which stands for "The Song of war" is a Free 2D MMORPG that lets the players have a vast variety of skills to level up and many monsters to kill.
0 2 neutral
46 Phobos | 2d mmorpg
Phobos, the new 2D MMORPG sensation!
0 1 neutral
47 Last Ninja online (Naruto MMORPG | 2d mmorpg
The first Naruto MMORPG being coded in Ruby. Thousands of player made jutsus, hundred of thousands of mapss of maps, and great graphics! The only thing is we need help! We are currently in fast development.
0 1 neutral
48 Secrets of Asherah | 2d mmorpg
Secrets of Asherah is a free online rpg with a 10 year history. We have 10,000 maps, crafting and interplayer trade, events, a pvp system, hundreds of monsters, player houses and airships, and more. Come check us out!
0 1 neutral
49 Elemental-Nations | 2d mmorpg
In Elemental-Nations you start off as a bender of your choice, from the 4 nations. Air Nomads, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Water Tribes. You have the freedom to be any kind of bender you want, so what kind of bender are you?
0 1 neutral
50 IcyMu Season4 | 2d mmorpg
0 0 neutral

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