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Rank Description IN OUT rating
SundayLeague 2 | browser based
SundayLeague Online Football Manager
0 14 4.12 / 5

Description Average This Month Last Month 2 Months Ago 3 Months Ago
 Unique Pageviews 0.0000 0 0 0 0
 Total Pageviews 0.0000 0 0 0 0
 Unique Hits In 0.5000 0 1 0 1
 Total Hits In 0.5000 0 1 0 1
 Unique Hits Out 9.5000 12 25 0 1
 Total Hits Out 13.2500 14 38 0 1

 User ratings

Average Rating: 4.12
Number of Ratings: 99

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 User reviews

73627 - 2011-06-22 09:47:45
Much better than the first version!

74981 - 2011-07-28 18:11:14
excellent! lots more stuff to do than the first one

75130 - 2011-08-01 13:13:54
the best football management game by far, now even better;)

75376 - 2011-08-07 02:28:27
I'm rlelay into it, thanks for this great stuff!

75634 - 2011-08-12 17:02:20

76124 - 2011-08-26 08:23:59
Amazing, a whole lot of fun!

76206 - 2011-08-29 08:41:08
falta algumas imagens uma pessoa perde-se aqui

76815 - 2011-09-14 08:57:12
Spot on management game

77467 - 2011-10-04 14:51:59
Played the original and this one is just that little bit quirkier and fun!

78099 - 2011-10-25 18:41:33
nada mau para este tipo de jogo
passamos um bom tempo

78167 - 2011-10-28 05:41:36
para os amantes de futebol um dos bons jogos que anda por aqui

79321 - 2011-12-07 03:55:49
muito bom...

80636 - 2012-01-19 20:05:53
muito bom...

82213 - 2012-03-09 16:40:41

82907 - 2012-04-02 20:00:00
muito bom gente

83029 - 2012-04-06 09:39:06
muito legal esse jogo

83364 - 2012-04-17 17:53:14
de mais galera muito bom esse player eu recomendo a todosde mais galera muito bom esse player eu recomendo a todosde mais galera muito bom esse player eu recomendo a todos

85478 - 2012-07-18 20:39:31

85991 - 2012-08-15 07:31:10
Interesting viewpoint Teresa. I polaensrly define a casual gamer as someone who plays games infrequently, say three to five hours a week when they have the time versus more avid or hardcore gamers who will often put in ten to twenty scheduled hours a week (or even more). So if you were playing three to five nights a week, for three hours each night (i.e. raiding), then I'd hardly call you a casual gamer .To me it has nothing to do with how good you are at the game and what your real life involves, it's more to do with how much of a priority you've given gaming within your life. For some people, they only play when they have the time (so possibly even once every other week). For others, they are more passionate about it, especially if they have a social network of friends within it, and they'll play a lot more, every week or even every day if they get the chance.BTW even though I've in a sense defined what I think a casual gamer is, I still agree with Eric that you can't define a casual gamer as a target audience. It would be the equivalent of saying We are targeting all people who drive blue vehicles. It just doesn't make sense because it doesn't really narrow down your audience, thus you're not really defining a target audience at all (which is what Eric was getting at).

86018 - 2012-08-16 19:35:47
omg you are soo wrong club penguin is the worst game n the hirosty of gameing.A-it has to many little kids playing it.B-the point is just to walk around and meet friends.C-itworth not getting a stupid member ship.whoever plays club penguin,get a life

87853 - 2013-03-15 17:07:49
great!! finally a different manager game :D

90073 - 2014-10-01 12:27:48
A very funny great football site

91688 - 2016-04-17 15:27:39
The extperise shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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