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RuneScape | 3d mmorpg
This free mmorpg can be played in a browser and is offering lots of features.
0 3 4.33 / 5

Description Average This Month Last Month 2 Months Ago 3 Months Ago
 Unique Pageviews 0.0000 0 0 0 0
 Total Pageviews 0.0000 0 0 0 0
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 Total Hits In 0.0000 0 0 0 0
 Unique Hits Out 19.0000 3 27 16 30
 Total Hits Out 24.0000 3 32 24 37

 User ratings

Average Rating: 4.33
Number of Ratings: 55

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 User reviews

7 - 2005-07-11 05:40:57

14 - 2005-07-18 15:45:59
great game, best free rpg i've found

23 - 2005-07-23 14:52:34
Great game, im addicted to it and i pay 5 a month to get extra benefits (member)

46 - 2005-08-06 23:47:28
This is a awesome game. I practically play it anytime i can get om the computer

142 - 2005-10-09 00:23:05
Hell oh a good FREE game....and huge!!!!!

144 - 2005-10-10 06:26:23
awesome game best MMORPG ever!

237 - 2005-11-24 13:38:50
I have a level 101 character and still playing. This is the best free MMoRPG you can ever play. More then 500,000 people play it. More then 150,000 people play online at the same time.

239 - 2005-11-24 21:09:32
Very good game, addictive, id say if you want more in the game, the 5$ a month IS worth it. But playing free is still good, though you will have no updates, quests, items, weapons etc. Mostly a non combat here, one thing is most stats in it are boring, but its worth it for the cash you can make. fletching is an example. Best mmorpg i know of.

325 - 2005-12-11 10:30:13
this is a nice game

457 - 2006-01-10 19:28:03
Have been playing for 2 years, for the last year as a member, its huge and they update weekly, i love it =)

458 - 2006-01-11 04:34:34
best free online mmorpg that does not require downloading i have played.

842 - 2006-02-20 09:33:38
Most addiciting game ive found i have a lvl 75 acc right now and i got tons of friends over 1 million players now probably about 200,000 playing at same time normally is a little slow when u first start prime is ur lvl 30-60 then it gets a little more boring but if you got 1 good friend on the game it makes it worth while and there is a great world selection, so if you want to meet people that live close to you try going to the world of the town/city closest to where u actually live. Game is being updated frequently, more for members but with all the stats and how hard they are to raise... it would take a while for you to finish them then when u about to finish they might come out with another stat. 5/5

876 - 2006-02-24 14:28:06



1003 - 2006-03-13 15:57:23
This is a VERY good game! You will enjoy playing this game!

1251 - 2006-04-11 05:55:50
runescape is the best online game i ever played.

1253 - 2006-04-11 06:17:59
Silly, only for kids under 10 years old

1256 - 2006-04-11 08:15:14
It is a very good game.

1259 - 2006-04-11 10:39:51
It's just cool

1337 - 2006-04-16 13:54:29
One of the best MMORPG's out there today. There's a great amount of stuff for free, and at least 10 times that for those who pay. They have a good staff and a good group of people who volunteer (known as player moderators). I hope everyone comes and at least trys this out, because it is a great game worthy of everyone's vote.

1808 - 2006-05-26 03:46:16
best game ever--->and U can play it in browser!

2404 - 2006-07-15 16:02:36
Not very interesting.

11331 - 2007-08-23 05:43:50
Over 120 unique and extensive quests, hundreds of items to choose from, 23 skills each with DAYS worth of gameplay, a large and complex economical system, fairly designed graphics that are improving, easy-to-learn interface, and run by a team that updates a load of content EACH WEEK. There's almost nothing that can compare to this game.. it has a lot to do. Plus, it's free or $5 for over quadruple the content.

11922 - 2007-09-07 12:05:44
This is a great site with lots of fun things to do, even the free portion!

16450 - 2007-12-01 09:29:23
Are you serious? All there is to it is clicking and waiting!

18286 - 2007-12-29 09:00:02
I love this site. I play every day, you could even say I am addicted to it. While you can play for free there is also an option to be a paying member. Being so opens up many more wonderful areas that can be visited and things that can be done. I recommend this site to any and every one. It is the best I have ever played online.

18526 - 2008-01-01 20:01:02
Its a good game that features ok graphics, a large number of players, good pvp, and a more emmerisive begining quest system than WoW

31164 - 2008-05-31 22:59:33
Well organized, fun game, lots of players, big world, lots to do, relatively safe for kids. Looks like there will be big improvements in the the look and feel soon.

44739 - 2009-02-01 16:07:20
its pretty good but takes forever to lv up your stats and free players dont get anything good


61819 - 2010-07-25 10:03:35
the best game ever, period.

73684 - 2011-06-23 22:53:00
A million thnkas for posting this information.

73747 - 2011-06-25 09:22:05
I bow down hmluby in the presence of such greatness.

75600 - 2011-08-12 00:30:10
Since I stopped playing it now, it was great game to play.

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